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Hidden Umbria Itineraries
The Umbria that you don't expect

The six places not to be missed

Some of these places can be seen in one excursion.

The river route

On the bed of the Tiber

Rediscover one of the wonders of central Italy from a privileged perspective.
Let's retrace the path of the Tiber River entering the Lunar landscape created by water. A new world awaits you. And yes, you'll want to splash around on the ATV!

Unique vegetation

Chestnut Forest

A particular path where you can relax on your Quad. We will enter a vegetation different from all the others, surrounded by a setting that leaves you curious.
In this area hides the "Vorgozzo", a large natural hole in the ground, unexpectedly deep and disturbing. Finally picnic area and recreational stop in the middle of the forest.

Streams and Canyons

In the water with Quad

On the many paths available we often come across streams and mini canyons created by the flow of water. Wonders of the most recondite Umbrian nature. And yes, you can ride them in the saddle of your Quad, trying the thrill of walking on water. What are you waiting for? Get in the saddle!

Medieval Towers, Roman Bridges and...

Un viaggio nella Quad

Relive the Etruscan and Roman history through their buildings. Umbria is rich in history. We, in these excursions, are going to explore the most hidden, almost forgotten. Roman bridges restored to new, historic towers and ruins of a distant past, until you get to ancient mills and much more. Back to the future with sevenquad!

A pleasant discovery

The wind holes

Along the way we will find some inlets in the mountain wall that, almost magically, emit a jet of air that refreshes the body and the spirit. The wind holes, in fact, release warm air in winter and cold air in summer. Incredible, isn't it? Once you try it, you'll never want to leave.

There, where everything is clearer

Amerini Mountains Observatory

"The summit of Olympus". Upon reaching this place, you will descend from the Quad and climb up a wooden structure that rises above the entire surrounding area. Here you will certainly be breathless. A crazy panorama will open before your eyes, you will be able to really see everything around you, up to unthinkable distances. Try it!

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